The social imaginary is the web of meanings – embodied in everyday things and actions – that permeates our social life, and that makes social cohesion possible. Underlying this web is a particular core idea, the “keystone concept”, that gives each society is unique characteristics.

In my view, “entitlement” is the keystone concept that underpins our current Western imaginary, and that best sums up the particular character of contemporary western societies.

If we hope to respond meaningfully to the many pernicious social and environmental evils in the world, we have to understand that they are all logical expressions of our imaginary, symptoms of the pathology of entitlement.

Only when we grasp what the imaginary is, and how it is reproduced or alternatively challenged, can we begin the transformation that is so desperately required.

On this website, you will find information about the social imaginary, the imagination, entitlement, and radical transformation.

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