Samantha Earle PhD, social philosopher and founder of The Social Imaginaries Project.

Hi! I’m Sam, a social philosopher specialising in social imaginaries, the radical imagination, and the small task of transforming society, and the founder of the Social Imaginaries Project.

I have a PhD in social philosophy from the University of East Anglia, an MSc in Sustainable Development, a BA in Religious Studies, and most recently, a certificate in plant-based nutrition.

I believe that unless we recognise that there is a “imaginary” realm of meanings that binds society together, then we cannot recognise that the ‘system’ we have now is not how things have to be.  When we understand that society is the product of how we collectively choose to imagine the world, we can see that transforming society is a matter of imagining differently.

As well as imaginaries, I am also passionate about veganism and the hope it represents (peace and justice, health, ecological and wildlife restoration, climate change mitigation). Veganism will be a recurring theme in these pages, as part of an ongoing preoccupation with what we can all do to contribute to building the society we dream of.

The Social Imaginaries Project is dedicated to turning theory into practice. The Project will include:

Writing: a general readership book about social imaginaries and societal transformation, as well as essays, blogs, and articles for this website and elsewhere.

Consulting: working with non-profits and other organisations who are serious about contributing to society at the deepest level, as well as individuals who wish to develop their creativity or deepen their understanding of social imaginaries

Outreach: delivering workshops and lectures, and providing free downloadable resources (including activities and posters)

Community Intervention Programmes: creating imaginaries in micro-communities centred around the ‘leverage point’ of veganism. 

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